Visiting the Library

The Huguenot Library is currently housed with UCL Special Collections at The National Archives.

Access and opening times

The collections are accessible by appointment only; appointments can be made by phone, by email, or by post.

The Library is open to Huguenot Library readers on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9.00 to 17.00. There is no charge for access.

Note: the Library will be closed on Tuesday 12th July 2016.

Arranging a visit

Space in the Reading Room is limited so please contact the Librarian at least two weeks in advance of your intended visit.

Before your visit

You will need to provide the details of the material you wish to see before your visit so that it can be ordered for you. If you need any assistance in selecting the items you wish to consult, please contact the Librarian.

You will be able to request up to 6 books or 6 archive boxes per visit, or a combination of the two (e.g. 2 archive boxes and 4 books). Please note that you will not be able to order further material on the day of your visit. We may also have to limit access to material which is fragile or contains confidential information.

After booking an appointment, you will need to complete an application form and will receive an accreditation letter, confirming the date of your visit and the items reserved. Please remember to bring this letter with you when you visit the Library.

Please remember to bring a form of photographic identification (i.e. a current UK Driving Licence, a valid passport, or a UCL ID if you are a UCL member).

Using the Reading Room

Visitors are asked to abide by the rules of UCL Special Collections and the Huguenot Library. In particular, please be aware that you should not use pens for taking notes, only pencils.

Digital cameras and laptops are permitted in the Reading Room.

There are no photocopying facilities available in the dedicated reading room at The National Archives where the Huguenot Library is housed. However, readers are welcome to bring their own camera for copying material, in line with the Huguenot Library's digital copying policy. Please let the Librarian know if you wish to take any images.

The Librarian will either be on hand to offer guidance or can be contacted by email or by phone at 020 7679 2046. Please note that it is easier to contact the Library by email as the office is only staffed part-time.

For more information regarding the Huguenot Library, please email



'A French bookseller burnt in Avignon for selling Bibles in the French tongue with some of them tied round his neck' in Henry Southwell, The new book of martyrs (London, [1795?])

Louis XIV signing the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes on 18 October 1685, line engraving