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Huguenots and the World of Finance: Part Two

02 May, 2022 by Huguenot Society
In part two of her overview of Huguenots in Finance, Joyce Hampton follows the Huguenot Portal family from their rise to fame as papermakers to the Bank of England in the 18th century, to the current evolution of Portals International as suppliers of high security paper to organisations worldwide...

Huguenots and the World of Finance: Part One

25 Apr, 2022 by Huguenot Society
This post by Fellow Joyce Hampton examines the background to the foundation of the Bank of England in 1694, and the role played by the Walloon Houblon family, particularly Sir John Houblon, the Bank's first Director. Among the original subscribers to Bank stock were many Huguenots...

The French Protestant Church of London, Soho Square

16 Sep, 2020 by Huguenot Society
With the French Protestant Church of London preparing to reopen this Sunday after its impressive renovation, and the Covid-19 closure, we take a look at the Church's history and influence from its foundation in 1550 to the present day....