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The renovation of Mount Nod burial ground, East Hill, Wandsworth

18 Oct, 2022 by Huguenot Society
It was with great interest that the Huguenot Society learned earlier this year of the reopening of the East Hill burial ground in Wandsworth, after its successful renovation. A pilgrimage to this unique Huguenot place of memory is highly recommended....

Strangers in the House: immigrant business in Parliament in the mid-17th century

17 Oct, 2020 by Huguenot Society
Following a previous blog on a mid-seventeenth century Southwark MP of immigrant stock, we look at how Protestant 'strangers' were viewed in Parliament during that period. While some incomers could be perceived as a threat to vested interests or to the peace of the realm, others might be welcomed and given assistance. The parliamentary Journals yield a variety of interesting insights....