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A sombre anniversary: the massacre of St Bartholomew’s day 450 years on

23 Aug, 2022 by Huguenot Society
On the occasion of the 450th anniversary of the St Bartholomew’s day massacre in Paris, the Society’s Hon. Editor, Vivienne Larminie, examines the circumstances which led to the atrocity and its aftermath throughout France, and explores resonances across the Channel, in England ….

A Red Admiral butterfly leads to the identification of Jacques Le Moyne de Morgues (c.1533-1588)

01 Feb, 2021 by Huguenot Society
The life and art of 16th century Huguenot artist Jacques Le Moyne de Morgues are equally intriguing. A fine set of his naturalistic watercolours forms part of a forthcoming exhibition showing Renaissance watercolours from the V&A's collection, aspects of which can be previewed online now....