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The French Protestant Church of London, Soho Square

16 Sep, 2020 by Huguenot Society
With the French Protestant Church of London preparing to reopen this Sunday after its impressive renovation, and the Covid-19 closure, we take a look at the Church's history and influence from its foundation in 1550 to the present day....

Peter de Lannoy: a Southwark Huguenot in Parliament

17 Jun, 2020 by Huguenot Society
MPs of immigrant heritage are now prominent in the House of Commons, but this is not simply a recent development. Peter de Lannoy, who was elected in 1656 by inhabitants of the large and diverse borough of Southwark, was descended from Walloon refugees and baptised in a French-speaking church. A local dyer, engaged in a trade enriched by immigrants, he exemplifies both the gradual process of assimilation and a temporary widening of participation in Parliament in the mid-17th century ....

Spitalfields' Huguenots

22 May, 2020 by Huguenot Society
Spitalfields, formerly part of the large parish of Stepney, became a parish in its own right with the consecration of Christ Church, in 1729. By this date, the Huguenot refugees who had settled there in the 1680s, in search of religious freedom, had made their name as expert silk weavers, and successful businessmen, and had their own chapels.The poorer members of this tight-knit community were assisted by Huguenot relief agencies, and a charity school operated under the auspices of the French Church of London ....