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Huguenot settlers in America, 1564 – 1784

10 Jul, 2024 by Huguenot Society
After a brief overview of Huguenot involvement in the colonisation of America, we examine the fascinating case of Jean Henry De Bérenger, a plantation owner who lost his inheritance as a consequence of the American War of Independence, 1775-83. Drafts of the petitions he sent in an effort to redress his loss were found within the Huguenot Library's collection of family papers, which are being gradually catalogued at item level by the Librarian, a painstaking but worthwhile exercise....

Some eminent Huguenots in Early Modern Medicine

26 Feb, 2024 by Huguenot Society
The eminent Huguenot physician Theodore de Mayerne stands out as one of the foremost doctors of the early modern period in Europe. Here fellow Joyce Hampton explores his career in England, the role he played within the medical sciences in his country of adoption, and his legacy among the physicians who followed him - in particular his nephew and great-nephew, Sir John and Sir Theodore Colladon....

Huguenots and the Church of England: a theological and cultural encounter

28 Nov, 2023 by Huguenot Society
In her latest blog for the Society, Hon. Editor Dr Vivienne Larminie examines the plurality of Protestant belief and variety of practice in early modern England, and unravels the threads that ultimately bound many Huguenots of the Refuge to the Church of England....

‘In the steps of the Huguenots and the Waldensians’- a European hiking trail

10 Aug, 2023 by Huguenot Society
Little known in the United Kingdom, the European cultural route 'Sur les pas des Huguenots et des Vaudois', has, in 2023, reached a level of development which means it can no longer be ignored. The result of a long cooperation between countries of the diaspora and of the refuge, the history of its creation is worth exploring - and its paths worth walking, in the steps of our Huguenot ancestors ....

The Huguenot Museum at 95 High Street, Rochester

20 Jun, 2023 by Huguenot Society
"Refugees! Ukrainians and Huguenots", a new exhibition launched for Refugee Week 2023 is the ideal occasion for an excursion to the attractive Huguenot Museum at Rochester, in Kent, where visitors are spoilt for choice...

The Crowning of a New Monarch: Huguenot threads past and present

06 Apr, 2023 by Huguenot Society
With the coronation of King Charles just a month away, Fellow Joyce Hampton looks at continuity and innovation in royal coronations in England, and explores Huguenot threads from the late Georgian period to the crowning of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953....

Huguenot Tutorship In Western Europe, c.1600 - c.1750

04 Mar, 2023 by Huguenot Society
In his second blog on Huguenot tutors, Professor Michaël Green explores the reasons why French-speaking Huguenot tutors were in such high demand in western Europe, as for example at the Dutch courts of the House of Orange-Nassau….

Huguenot heritage on the Island of Guernsey

05 Jan, 2023 by Huguenot Society
The Huguenot Society's visit to Guernsey in the summer of 2022 has resulted in this richly illustrated blog by Activities Chairman Tony Wilson, showing the Island's Huguenot Heritage through the many memorials in St Peter Port church and elsewhere....

The renovation of Mount Nod burial ground, East Hill, Wandsworth

18 Oct, 2022 by Huguenot Society
It was with great interest that the Huguenot Society learned earlier this year of the reopening of the East Hill burial ground in Wandsworth, after its successful renovation. A pilgrimage to this unique Huguenot place of memory is highly recommended....

A sombre anniversary: the massacre of St Bartholomew’s day 450 years on

23 Aug, 2022 by Huguenot Society
On the occasion of the 450th anniversary of the St Bartholomew’s day massacre in Paris, the Society’s Hon. Editor, Vivienne Larminie, examines the circumstances which led to the atrocity and its aftermath throughout France, and explores resonances across the Channel, in England ….

Huguenot-connected memorials in Winchester Cathedral

18 Jul, 2022 by Huguenot Society
One of the loveliest English cathedrals, Winchester, is the setting for this study by Tony Wilson of memorials to eminent descendants of Huguenot refugees, of the 18th to the 20th centuries....