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A list of the Society's officers for 2023-24 can be found here

Postal enquiries should be addressed to:

The Hon Secretary
The Huguenot Society PO Box 444

Please enclose a stamped addressed envelope /international reply coupon.


Email Enquiries:

All media enquiries should be sent to the Hon. Secretary in the first instance.

Hon. Secretary:
For information about the Society and media enquiries.
[email protected]

Meetings Secretary:
For details of forthcoming meetings and events.
[email protected]

For historical enquiries or to use the Library (see the Visiting the Library page for opening hours) please contact the Librarian. 
[email protected]

Administrative Officer:
For information about  the purchase of Huguenot Society publications and CDs.
[email protected]

For enquiries regarding membership and subscriptions  and to give change of address details.
[email protected]

Hon. Editor:
For information about the Society's current publications, viz. the annual Huguenot Society Journal (formerly Proceedings), Quarto Series or New Series.
[email protected]

Is My Family Huguenot?

The Library does not have the resources to deal with enquiries about Huguenot ancestry or undertake family research. Instead, family researchers are encouraged to use the Huguenot Library to carry out such work for themselves.

However, if you do have a query about your Huguenot ancestry or wish to know how to proceed with your research, please download this pdf document and visit the Family History page, where a number of other downloadable documents will help you.

Please note that as most of the Huguenot churches had closed by 1800 there is little information in our records after this period, apart from the French Hospital records. It is essential therefore before making an enquiry to work back to the early nineteenth century using civil registration (The National Archives), parish records or other sources.