We ne'er shall see his like again..


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Bursary for Huguenot Research
The Huguenot Society is launching a new annual bursary to support and encourage research into Huguenot individuals and communities. The deadline for 2024 is 30 April. Further details are available from the 2024 bursary notice and the application form here.

2023-24 Lecture Series
The 2023-4 lecture series will conclude on 14 May 2024 with the Annual General Meeting, followed by a paper by Dr John Gallagher on 'The Reformation of Salad: Eating and Drinking with Immigrants in Elizabethan London'. The AGM and presentation will begin at 6.00 pm at the French Protestant Church of London, 8-9 Soho Square, London W1D 3QD. For further details on the meeting, and general information on attending the Society's lectures, please contact [email protected]. Full details on all the papers in the lecture series can be found on the downloadable programme here.