Scholarship for Huguenot Research

This annual scholarship of up to £4,000 is awarded by the Trustees of the French Huguenot Church of London Charitable Trust, on the advice of the Institute of Historical Research.

The award will be made to a student working for a higher degree on a Huguenot subject, i.e. the study of any activity of the French, the Dutch, the Flemish or the Walloon Protestants from the 16th century to the present, in any geographical area. 'Activity' will be interpreted in the widest sense.

Further details are at the Institute of Historical Research's page on funding,

Past subjects include:

[2002] Alexander Marr (Oxford), 'Manufacturing Status: The World of the Mechanician-Engineer, 1540 -1640'.

[2003] Sonja Kmec (Oxford), 'A Comparison of the Lives of Marie de la Tour, duchesse de la Tremoille, and her sister-in-law Charlotte de Tremoille'.

[2004] Catherine Wright (CMH), 'Social and Cultural Connections between the English and Dutch in England, c.1660 -1720'.

[2005] Katherine Parsons (Cambridge), 'Brothers in Persecution: The English Reaction to the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre'.

[2006] Daniel Trocme Latter (Southampton), 'The Development of Musical Education in Reformed Europe: 1540 -1600'.

[2007] Delphine Soulard (Provence), 'John Locke et les Huguenots du Refuge'.

[2008] Cormac Chesser (NUl Maynooth), 'Assimilation and absorption: the Huguenot communities in Ireland, 1714 -1836'.

[2009] Jameson Tucker (Warwick), 'Vrays Chrestiens – Strangers in the Martyrologies of Jean Crespin'.

[2010] Deferred for a year.

[2011] Michael Green (Groningen), 'Huguenots as Educators in Early Modern Europe'.

[2012] Adam Duker (Notre Dame), 'Providence under Pressure: Huguenots, Hebrew identity, and religious war in France and Geneva, 1536 -1602'.

[2013] Emmanuelle Chaze (Bayreuth), 'The Family in the Refuge: Correspondence and networks in the British Isles, 17th - 18th centuries'.

[2014] Simone Maghenzani (Turin), 'The Protestant propaganda in Counter-Reformation Italy (1556-1648)'.

AND   Jonas van Tol (York), 'The Rhineland nobility and the coming of the French Wars of Religion 1552-1572'.

[2015] Silke Muylaert (Kent), ‘Reformation and Revolt in the Low Countries: activity and sentiment in the Stranger Churches in England (1550-1585)’. 

[2016] Deferred for a year.

[2017] Deferred for a year.

[2018] Sukhwan Kang (Georgetown), 'Between Peaceful Coexistence and Ongoing Conflict: Religious Tolerance and the Protestant Minority in Seventeenth-Century France'.

[2019] Panagiotis Georgakakis (St Andrews), 'Huguenot French-language gazettes in the Dutch Republic, 1677-1714'.

News and Events

Bursary for Huguenot Research
The Huguenot Society is launching a new annual bursary to support and encourage research into Huguenot individuals and communities. The deadline for 2024 is 30 April. Further details are available from the 2024 bursary notice and the application form here.

2023-24 Lecture Series
The 2023-4 lecture series will conclude on 14 May 2024 with the Annual General Meeting, followed by a paper by Dr John Gallagher on 'The Reformation of Salad: Eating and Drinking with Immigrants in Elizabethan London'. The AGM and presentation will begin at 6.00 pm at the French Protestant Church of London, 8-9 Soho Square, London W1D 3QD. For further details on the meeting, and general information on attending the Society's lectures, please contact [email protected]. Full details on all the papers in the lecture series can be found on the downloadable programme here.

Huguenot Library Workshops, Tuesday 21 May 2024 at 11am and 2pm
Come and discover a selections of manuscripts from our collection focusing on the charities and organisations set up to help Huguenot refugees. This event is a re-run of the workshops held in December 2023 and is available to both Fellows and members of the public. Training sessions on how to use the Society's electronic resources will also be organised throughout the day. As places are limited, please make sure to book well in advance by emailing the Librarian at [email protected]. More information can be found here.