Huguenot Library catalogues

The majority of the Library’s holdings (both printed and archival) are included in UCL’s online catalogues. There are also handlists of some family history and image material.

Printed material

For printed materials (books, pamphlets, journals etc), use UCL’s online library catalogue Explore. This covers all UCL’s libraries and also electronic material to which UCL users have access.

To restrict your search to Huguenot Library material only:

1)    add 'Huguenot' as one of your search terms.  For example:

  • To search for books in the Huguenot Library on Portarlington, type in 'Huguenot' and 'Portarlington'
  • To search for books on your family surname (eg. Mercier), type in 'Huguenot' and 'Mercier'
  • To search for books in the Huguenot Library by a particular author (eg. Robin Gwynn), type in 'Huguenot' and 'Robin Gwynn'

 2)    When the results list appears, on the left-hand side there is an option to ‘Refine my results’. Use the option ‘Show only Physical items’ to remove online material from the results, since such online material is not normally accessible to Huguenot Library readers.

 3)    For more precise searching of Explore, an ‘Advanced search’ option is available next to the main search box. On the Advanced search page, you can use the drop down options on the left of the screen to specify, for instance, if your search term should appear in the title or the author's name.  You can also use the facility on the right hand side of the page to narrow your search by date or by language. You can navigate from the 'Advanced search' page to the 'Simple search' one by selecting the corresponding option on the right of the main search box.



Details of the Huguenot Library’s archives are currently being added to UCL Special Collections' online archive database. The information from this archive database is included within the main UCL library catalogue, Explore.

However, accessing the archive database itself allows more detailed searching and also the option to browse through the Huguenot Library’s archive catalogue and see its hierarchical structure. To do this:

1)    Enter ‘Huguenot Library’ in the search box. The first item that appears will be entitled ‘Huguenot Library archives’.

2)    Click on the classmark 'Huguenot Library' under 'Reference Number' on the left-hand side of this item.

3)    You will now see the full record. Click on the Reference Number ‘Huguenot Library’ and you will be shown the hierarchy, listing all the classes of archive documents within the Huguenot Library archive.

4) For more precise searching, an 'Advanced search' option is available next to the main search box. On the Advanced search page, you can narrow your search by classmark, date, level in the hierarchy and terms used in the description or title fields, as well as combining several of these elements. Please note that if you are searching by classmark, you need to use the exact classmark preceeded by 'Huguenot Library', eg. Huguenot Library/H/A/1 and not H/A/1.

Please note that not all details of the Huguenot Library archives have been added to the UCL archives database and Explore. Additional information is available in three printed catalogues of the Huguenot Library archives:

R. Smith, Records of the Royal Bounty and connected funds, the Burn Donation, and the Savoy Church in the Huguenot Library, University College London, London. Huguenot Society of London Quarto Series, 51 (London: Huguenot Society of London, 1974).

I. R. Gray, Huguenot Manuscripts: a descriptive catalogue of the remaining manuscripts in the Huguenot Library. Huguenot Society of London Quarto Series, 56 (London: Huguenot Society of London, 1983).

M. Harcourt Williams, Huguenot Archives: a further catalogue of material held in the Huguenot Library. Huguenot Society of Great Britain and Ireland Quarto Series, 61 (London: Huguenot Society of Great Britain and Ireland, 2008).

Family history material

A list of Family Research files held by the Huguenot Library is available here.

A list of the Wagner pedigrees held by the Library is available here.

Coats of arms and pedigrees held by the Library are listed in:

Quarto Series, 61, pp. 48-51 and also published as M. Harcourt Williams, ‘Coats of Arms and Pedigrees’, Huguenot Families, 11 (2004), pp. 21-27.


A list of the Huguenot Library’s pictorial collection is available here.


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A link to the online catalogue Explore can be found here.