Scholarship for Huguenot Research

This annual scholarship of up to £2,500 is awarded by the Trustees of the French Huguenot Church of London Charitable Trust, on the advice of the Institute of Historical Research.

The award will be made to a student working for a higher degree on a Huguenot subject, i.e. the study of any activity of the French, the Dutch, the Flemish or the Walloon Protestants from the 16th century to the present, in any geographical area. 'Activity' will be interpreted in the widest sense.

Application forms on

The deadline date for receipt of applications is 1 October. Past subjects include:

2002 The World of the Mechanician-Engineer, 1540 -1640

2003 A Comparison of the Lives of Marie de la Tour, duchesse de la Tremoille, and her sister-in-law Charlotte de Tremoille

2004 Social and Cultural Connections between the English and Dutch in England, c. 1660 - 1720

2005 The English Reaction to the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre

2006 The Development of Musical Education in Reformed Europe: 1540 - 1600

2007 John Locke et les Huguenots du Refuge.

2008 Assimilation and absorption: the Huguenot communities in Ireland, 1714 - 1836

2009 Strangers in the Martyrlogies of Jean Crespin

The Association of Denominational Historical Societies and Cognate Libraries, of which the Huguenot Society is a member, meets each autumn to hear a lecture and hold its AGM. It also organises occasional conferences and publications.

Comité Protestant des Amitiés Franí§aise í  l'í‰tranger
Founded in 1915, the CPAFE works to promote the knowledge of Protestantism in protestant circles and to create and maintain networks between Huguenot societies in the countries of the Refuge worldwide. Its membership is international and the association organises a tri-annual reunion of Huguenot descendants in different regions of France historically linked with Protestantism. Its articles, which are broadcast on French radio (France Culture) are published in La lettre, which appears twice a year.

The French Hospital
The French Hospital founded by Royal Charter in 1718 to provide succour to poor French Huguenot Protestant Refugees, today offers sheltered accommodation to those of proven French Protestant descent. The Hospital also manages an Outgift fund which may assist applicants resident elsewhere.

The Museum of Immigration and Diversity
The Museum of Immigration and Diversity at 19 Princelet Street is an early 18th Century weavers house which is being developed as a centre for learning about the immigrant communities - Huguenot, Irish, Jewish, Bengali and others who exemplify the national experience.

The Virtual Museum of French Protestantism has collections spanning the 16th to the 20th century, and hosts both permanent displays and temporary exhibitions. Much of its 16th and 17th century material is available in English, as well as in French and German.


2016-17 Programme of papers
8 March 2017 Lesley Chamberlain speaks on how a Huguenot doctor came to write Roget's Thesaurus. Check here for the full programme of papers for 2016-17.

Huguenot Museum, Rochester
Now open Wednesday to Saturday every week. Please consult their website.

Huguenots of Spitalfields
This independent charity is organising a series of events in 2017. Details can be found on its website and its diary of events

Society Newsletter
The Society's Autumn 2016 newsletter has notices of other events.