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Huguenot Tutorship In Western Europe, c.1600 - c.1750

04 Mar, 2023 by Huguenot Society
In his second blog on Huguenot tutors, Professor Michaël Green explores the reasons why French-speaking Huguenot tutors were in such high demand in western Europe, as for example at the Dutch courts of the House of Orange-Nassau….

Huguenot heritage on the Island of Guernsey

05 Jan, 2023 by Huguenot Society
The Huguenot Society's visit to Guernsey in the summer of 2022 has resulted in this richly illustrated blog by Activities Chairman Tony Wilson, showing the Island's Huguenot Heritage through the many memorials in St Peter Port church and elsewhere....

The Grand Tour and its Huguenot Tutors

15 Feb, 2022 by Huguenot Society
The Grand Tour, a rite of passage whereby young men of means could complete their education through cultural discoveries, became a source of employment for Huguenot tutors during the early modern period; however, these journeys were not always plain sailing for the tutors, as Professor Michaël Green explains....